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5 Services An Emergency Vet Can Offer

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Emergency veterinarian care can provide help for your pet. If your animal is experiencing a health issue, you may not be able to wait for an appointment with your regular vet.

This is where an emergency vet comes in. If you are thinking about bringing your pet to the emergency vet, these are some of the services they may be able to offer.

1 - Blood Testing

Testing and analysis of your pet's blood can be beneficial for determining what may be wrong with your pet. Testing your pet's blood can provide information about things your pet may have eaten and a variety of illnesses causing new symptoms.

2 - Surgery

Pets may require surgery for internal and external injuries. If your pet has been in an accident or is experiencing something like bloat, surgery may be required to relieve pain and discomfort.

In some cases, surgery can be diagnostic and informative, helping you determine what kind of injury or illness your pet is dealing with. You'll get more information about the scope of a problem.

3 - Setting Broken Bones

Treatment for broken bones is crucial for pets that need to heal quickly and without pain. In order to set broken bones, your emergency vet may need to put your pet under anesthesia and provide additional pain management treatment. Your pet will be able to heal safely and with less pain.

4 - Medication

Medication helps your pet heal from a serious injury or an illness. If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, for example, medication may be necessary to help them manage pain and live a comfortable life.

Medication is also used to prevent infection in pets. If your pet has a deep cut, they may need antibiotics to prevent infection after a fight with another animal or a cut. Medication can make healing more efficient.

5 - X-Rays

Emergency veterinarians provide x-rays and sometimes even other imaging services. X-rays help examine any internal injuries your pet may be dealing with after a serious injury. Your pet may need a quick x-ray after he or she is hit by a car or falls from a serious height, for instance.

Emergency Vet Services Are There for Pets in Pain

Your pet may be in pain and need help, but you may not be sure what to do. If your pet is in pain, an emergency vet hospital—such as South Seattle Veterinary Hospital—should be your next stop.