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Three Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy While Being Boarded

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Regardless of the reason why, it can make pet owners feel a little guilty to leave their cats behind at a boarding facility. However, there doesn't have to be any reason for them to feel bored or sad. Here are three ways you can boost your kitty's experience at an animal boarding facility so they have as good a time as you do.

Deluxe Upgrade

When people often think of pet boarding, they often only think of small kennels that don't offer much space to move around. However, pet boarding facilities have instead found ways to ensure that pets are much more comfortable than that. Talk to your pet boarding facility to learn about their deluxe accommodations for cats. These rooms are much larger than kennels and can fit more than one cat comfortably. They also typically include equipment that allows kitties to climb and play while they're in their temporary home.

Alternatively, you could also look into linked kennels. These are two individual kennels that offer a tunnel between them; this allows your cat to move about more freely and to choose where it wants to sleep.


Many pet boarding facilities now offer dedicated playtime for cats. Instead of just playing on their own in their deluxe boarding room, they will have a dedicated play assistant. This person will spend time with your kitty to ensure that they get plenty of play and dedicated attention. This will help to boost your cat's mood, ensure that their body stays strong and healthy, and it will allow them to sleep more deeply once they're back in their boarding room.

Spa Treatment

Many hotels offer spa treatments to their guests, and many animal boarding facilities are picking up the habit. Ask your facility if they offer grooming services that your cat can receive during their stay. These services typically include a full brushing, a bath, claw trimming, and even pet massages. Most pets, including cats, find most of these activities very enjoyable. You can always skip the bath, but if you have a cat breed that happens to enjoy water, they might appreciate it. These treatments will not only ensure that your cat's coat is at prime condition when you return home, but it will help to relieve stress and make your kitty feel relaxed and comfortable.

Rather than being cooped up and lonely, many cats return home from boarding facilities in good spirits. Ask about the services to ensure that your kitty is well taken care of and has just as good a time as you while you're away. To learn more, contact a facility like Marquette Animal Hospital.