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3 Tips To Follow Before Your Pet's Surgery

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If your pet is about to undergo surgery, you are probably feeling quite anxious about the upcoming appointment. If you want to make sure your pet can get through surgery day without any problems, there actually are a few things you can do in advance to help prepare. Here are three tips to consider following before your pet's surgery.

1. Take Away Food and Water If Needed

Just like humans, sometimes your pet might be forbidden from taking food or water prior to a major surgery. Take to your local veterinary surgical services team to make sure you have the details down pat in advance of the appointment. Then, make sure you remove all water and food as needed. Physically pick up your pet's food or water bowl and make sure you close the lid on the toilet just in case. If your pet somehow manages to find food prior to the appointment, make sure you let the vet know.

2. Pets Need a Good Night's Sleep Too

If you want your pet's anxiety to remain at a low level on surgery day, sometimes a good night's sleep can help just as much as it does with humans. If your pet is the type of animal that tends to shadow you everywhere, you might have to take one for the team and go to bed early yourself. If you follow your bedtime routine and go to bed, your pet is likely to follow suit. If you absolutely must stay up late yourself, try putting your pet in a darkened room and close the door so they can't get out. This might not work if your pet gets separation anxiety, so be prepared to adjust as needed.

3. Bring Distractions

The day of the surgery you might have to take your pet in early for some bloodwork or other concerns before the pet can actually get the surgery performed. Bring lots of favorite toys and anything else that might help calm your pet's nerves. If your pet doesn't do well around other animals, see if you can sneak your pet in through a back door so you don't have to sit in the waiting room.

Some of the same tips that work for humans prior to major surgery can wFor more tips on how to prepare your pet for surgery during the 24 hours before the appointment, reach out to your local veterinary surgical services team today for more information. For more information, contact a company like Pitts Veterinary Hospital PC.